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Happy new year. I hope you enjoyed a good holiday break.

January gives us an early gauge on what our clients sentiment is on the property market. Interestingly 2020 has started off as our busiest start to the year since I started Wellman Finance back in 2013. With time to reflect over the holiday period, many people have decided that with low interest rates and a more positive outlook on the property market, now is a good time to purchase.  Most of these finance enquiries are around purchasing a property to live – including people upgrading their current home, renovating their existing home and first home buyers looking to enter the property market for the first time.

One of the biggest questions we are currently getting asked from our first home buyer clients is should I buy a property to live in or should I buy my first property as an investment to rent out (rent-vesting). There are pros and cons with both and this really revolves around your lifestyle. In order to get clarity in these areas I suggest meeting with your mortgage broker and discussing your circumstances and comparing the total costs associated with an owner occupied purchase vs an investment purchase.

In terms of other client activity, many people are looking at saving money on their current home and investment loans and refinancing. With record low interest rates and cash back incentives offered by many banks and lenders this is resulting in significant interest savings per year 

Our investor client activity which has been very slow over the last two years, continues to increase but is still not at the levels of 4-5 years ago.

As always if you would like to discuss your situation, please give me a call or send me an email.