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Sean Wellman, Director of Wellman Finance, a Melbourne based Mortgage Broking and Financial Services business is partnering with the guys from the My Millenial Money Property podcast. Glen James and John Pidgeon have combined their collective knowledge and experience in finance and property to create the My Millenial Money Property podcast.

In the latest episode Sean joined the guys and chatted about his experiences within the industry, in particular for first home buyers and for people looking for their first investment property. They go through some of the tips and advice he offers clients, some of the challenges investors can face and the current home and investment loan climate.

My Millennial Money Property Podcast

Sean is excited by the prospect of teaming up with the guys. “I’ve worked with Glen & John for quite some time. I like their down to earth no nonsense approach to finance. Their ability to communicate complicated finance issues in a relaxed way is what makes this duo great to listen to. We take the same approach at Wellman Finance. That’s why we have partnered with the guys to offer their podcast listeners the opportunity to access a trusted adviser when it comes to their Home or Investment Loans.”

They have a wealth of knowledge to share and are a great resource for your research into your next financial venture.

Check out My Millennial Money here

So if you need to talk to a Mortgage Broker with a wealth of experience or want to sharpen up your knowledge when it comes to property and finance click on the link below and start your journey to a better financial future.